I am an artist researcher working in ecology and interspecies relationships. I work across drawing, photography, performance, writing, and sculpture to render relationships between land, animals, and each other. Using cumulative processes to position materials, text, bodies, and drawing together, I  assemble new identities through resurrecting and retelling forgotten stories. I consider environmental justice, indigenous histories, and post colonial narratives to generate stories that focus on endangerment, water systems, and climate migration. I focus on often-erased imperiled species including spring snails, freshwater mussels, and lichen to integrate them into Earth-system and conservation conversations.  I believe by approaching more-than-human worlds with vulnerability, human’s can help shift global power relationships to environments of empathy and equity among all beings.  


laura c carlson is an artist researcher informed by ecology and interspecies relationships. carlson received their MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from the University of Pennsylvania (PA, 2017) and their BFA in Art History and Studio Art from Creighton University (NE, 2013). An upcoming Wassaic Project (NY), and BigCi (NSW, Australia) artist-in-residence, carlson has attended residencies at Montello Foundation (NV), Vermont Studio Center (VT), Kimmel Harding Nelson (NE), the Union for Contemporary Art (NE), and Feminist Summer Camp (UT). carlson has participated in group and solo shows across the U.S. carlson has held positions at Bemis Center for Contemporary Art (NE) and Institute for Contemporary Art (PA). carlson has received multiple awards including Albuquerque Public Art Program grant, Vermont Studio Center Fellowship, and Penn Praxis Social Impact Award Project & Grant. carlson is the program coordinator for the Art and Ecology program at the University of New Mexico.

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