I'm on my way to Australia and I need your help!

With your help, in April, 2019 I will be attending Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatives (BigCi) in Australia, a residency where I will conduct creative research on the imperiled mussels species of the biodiverse Blue Mountains region. At BigCi I will be making a performance and publication project called “Becoming Benthic”,  in which local collaborators and myself will embody vulnerable freshwater mussels through costume and perspective while leading groups of humans along the Nepean River. This interdisciplinary art project aims to expand knowledge of freshwater mussel imperilment in NSW Australia, address ecological threats to freshwater ecosystems, and create a new body of ecological art. 


My work at BigCi will recount geologic time, indigenous histories of place, and colonialist river fragmentation, pollution, extractivisms, and private and public land seizures. The artwork will propose alternative human relationships to waterways, creating a narrative of interspecies relationships and responsibilities between human and mussel. By focusing on freshwater mussels, I can expand knowledge of a keystone species and recognize what affects the freshwater mussel affects all beings, including humans. “Becoming Benthic” will emphasize practices of empathy in environmentalism as a way to begin reconciliation and remediation with environments. By making a relationship with a being as unlikely as the freshwater mussel we can create wondrous futures.

$10 - 4x6" Mussel Print Postcard
$20 - 8x11" Mussel Drawing Print
$35 - Single Mussel Shell cast with 4x6" mussel print
$50 - Double Mussel cast with 4x6" mussel print
$75 - 3x2.5" Endangered/Extinct mussel painting
$100 - 9x8" Original Extinct Mussel Drawing
$125 - 11x8" Mussel Drawing
$150 and up - 14x17" Original drawing of Lichen, Mussels, or Rocks (indicate with your donation).

*All items will ship within a few days of donation until sold out*
All donors will be recognized on my website with the project, as well as in the final publication material. 

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Benthic Ghosts (Cimarex Energy Barrier, New Mexico) & (Black River Management Area, New Mexico) 

I am popenaias popeii, the last native freshwater mussel in New Mexico. I now only survive in a small 9 mile stretch of the Black River, surrounded by oil extraction fields and suffocating in pollution. I can no longer spread due to damming initiatives. I am critically endangered and as I'm suffering, so is my river.

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